Links and Forms

Tax Rates

Click on the links to take you to each county website for the most up to date tax rates.

School Rankings from the Texas Education Agency

School rankings are based on 2010 TAKS tests and are available for each county in the state. Click on the link to see if your school ranks.


Homestead Exemption Form

Homestead/ Over 65/ Disabled Exemption Form
In order to have a Homestead Exemption you must:
1. Own the home on January 1
2. Use the property as your primary residence
3. You or your spouse cannot claim Homestead Exemption on any other property owned.
4. Provide Drivers License and Vehicle Registration OR copy of utility bill for that address.

Property Tax Protest Form

As a property owner, you have the right to protest the amount of property taxes being collected. The deadline to protest is May 31st.